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About Darling Downs Aero Club

The Darling Downs Aero Club has provided professional pilot training since 1946, training thousands of recreational and commercial pilots. The Club has built a reputation based on vision, leadership, commitment, empathy, teamwork and flexibility, giving the leading edge in the competitive job market by focussing on you and your individual needs. Our mission is to provide the highest quality aviation training available. All flight training is logged in aircraft, as opposed to the use of flight simulators. We believe a hands on approach provides the best testing ground for pilots of the future. [ More... ]


What is the Darling Downs Aero Club?

The Darling Downs Aero Club is located at the Toowoomba Airport, just 130km from the coast, and is a comfortable 90 minute drive from the state capital, Brisbane. Toowoomba is the ideal location to commence and complete your training. With easy access to controlled and uncontrolled airspace and no long transits to the training areas.

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Learn to fly today

So you want to learn to fly! What is the first step? A Trial Introductory Flight is a great way to find out if flying is for you, a friend, or a loved one.

A fully qualified Flight Instructor will walk you around the basics of how an aircraft flies, and how we control one. You and your instructor will then climb aboard. You will assist with Taxi, Take-off, and learn the basics of piloting an aircraft while seeing Toowoomba from a new prospective.

You will then assist your instructor with the return too Toowoomba Airport and the landing! Does this sound like the sort of thing you would be interested in?

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Local weather information for the Toowoomba region

Recently Archived News

VH-JCU Back from refurbishment
Our C182RG is back from an interior and exterior refurbishment. Details and photos can be found on the link above.

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