Standard Hire Conditions

  • Dual training is at VDO (clock) time. Private hire is at tacho time for members only. 
  • Six-Monthly checks are at the applicable solo rates for the aircraft concerned, calculated at VDO time. Maximum time allowed at this rate is 30 minutes. If further dual training is required, this will be at the normal dual rate. This rate cannot be used towards any training for a flight crew licence or rating, for an initial endorsement on another type, or for a flight review.
  • All hirers are urged to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the Club's "Conditions of Hire" prior to hire of the aircraft. A copy of this document is available on request from the Club office. All persons hiring an aircraft from the Club are bound by these conditions. Ignorance of the conditions is not an excuse for non-compliance with the conditions.


Extra conditions for hire of the Cessna 182RG

  • Minimum experience: PPL with 100 hours total time
  • Constant speed unit and retractable undercarriage endorsements and experience
  • Previous high wing experience desireable
  • Three month recency requirement (minimum 3 take offs and landings)
  • Six monthly check
  • All pilots to be checked by Grade 1 Instructor only

Note: The Chief Flying Instructor may, at his discretion, require or allow an increase or decrease on the standard hire conditions.