Piper PA-38 Tomahawk


The Piper Tomahawk has a proven track record in the field of basic training and is utilised for initial flight training to pass your Recreational Pilot Licence test. It has a side by side seating configuration with dual controls. The tomahawk is  light on the controls with excellent visibility and manoeuvrability, ensuring it is a pleasure to fly both in training and also once qualified.

Power & Speed Specifications
Horsepower: 112 hp
Top Speed: 100 kts
Normal Cruise Speed: 95 kts
Range: 380 nm

Weight & Fuel Specifications
Max Weight T/O + LDG: 758 kg
Basic Empty Weight: 551 kg
Fuel Capacity: 114 L
Fuel Burn: 22 lph

Additional Information
Rate Of Climb: 700 fpm
Ceiling: 13,000 ft
Avionics: Nav, Comm, ADF
Seating Capacity: 2
Fixed prop and undercarriage