Cessna 182RG


The Cessna 182RG has an enviable reputation thanks to its proven versatility. The aircraft is equally at home operating into remote airstrips as it is conducting scenic flights around the picturesque Darling Downs or operating in the often challenging environment during fire spotting and other aerial work applications. Due to this versatility, the 182 has proven itself to be an ideal 'real world' commercial trainer with the Darling Downs Aero Club.

VH-JCU underwent a major refurbishment and overhaul in late 2010. The exterior was fully repainted and the interior reconditioned with new leather seats, sheepskin seat covers and new interior trim.

Power & Speed Specificationsjcuinterior
Horsepower: 235 hp
Top Speed: 182 kts
Normal Cruise Speed: 145 kts
Range: 800 nm

Weight & Fuel Specifications
Max Weight T/O + LDG: 1406 kg
Basic Empty Weight: 863 kg
Fuel Capacity: 284 L Usable
Fuel Burn: 55 lph