October Club Comp - Forced Landings - Postponed till Sunday 3rd November

Posted on November 3 2018

The DDAC October (postponed till November 3rd) Club comp is forced landings. These involve climbing to approximately 2500' above Toowoomba aerodrome and conducting a practise forced landing back onto the runway. Points are scored during this comp for both how accurately you fly (including conducting your checks, trimming for your glide speed, performing thorough lookouts before turning, etc) in addition to where on the runway you actually touchdown. Similar to the spot landing comps, there is a bunting 'fence' across the runway and chalk boxes marked out along the runway with points scored for the touchdown box in which you land. 

As with all of our comps, they are more of a fun day rather than serious competition so all members, regardless of experience are welcome to attend as all flights are with one of our friendly instructors.

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