Scenic Flights


Take off from Toowoomba Airport and fly over our beautiful region.

Enjoy flying over Toowoomba's beautiful city, the spectacular Great Dividing Range and Tabletop Mountain.  Fly over some of the richest agricultural land in Australia, marvelling at the magnificent patchwork quilt effect created by the coloured fields that can only truly be appreciated from the air.

For $255, up to three passengers can enjoy a 30 minute scenic flight in our Cessna 182RG aircraft (pictured above).  A one hour scenic flight is available for $490.

Now available in our Cessna 172S aircraft, up to two passengers can enjoy a similar scenic flight for just $207 - 30 minutes or $399 for an hour. 

Scenic flights can be tailored to suit your individual needs. A very popular option is to fly over the new Toowoomba range crossing and marvel at this engineering feat from above. You might like to view your property from the air or fly over water catchment areas such as Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams, Cooby Creek Dam and Cressbrook Dam.

Gift vouchers are available for 30 minute or one hour scenic flights.

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