Tailwheel Training

Do you want to try something different? Why not do a tailwheel endorsement and enhance your "stick and rudder" skills in the Decathlon?

The Decathlon is a two seat, aerobatic tailwheel aircraft with a constant speed propeller. It is fun flying at its best! In this tandem seat aircraft, the pilot sits alone in the front seat and the aircraft is controlled with a joystick.

Tailwheel flying is a good challenge and encourages excellent general flying skills, as well as opening the door to a range of aircraft not available to nosewheel pilots. Perhaps you have always wanted to fly a Pitts Special, a Chipmunk, Cessna 185 or a Maule, all of which require a tailwheel endorsement.

The Decathlon is a good introduction to tailwheel training as the forward visibility is as good as it gets in 'taildraggers' and ground handling is not as challenging as some other tailwheel types.