Multi-engine Aircraft Instrument Rating

Multi-engine Aircraft Instrument Rating
Looking to complete your multi-engine aircraft instrument rating? Get it done full time in 4-6 weeks. Toowoomba YTWB is only 13nm from Oakey YBOK and its ILS, which as a general rule is available 365 days after 5.00pm local time (10 minutes to the holding point NUTPA for the 14 ILS). It’s also in very close proximity to Wellcamp Airport which has a 3200m runway, RNAV approaches and SID (standard instrument departure). Toowoomba itself has an RNAV and is a very short transit time to the Sunshine Coast for the VOR.

YTWB is a CTAF with short taxi times and rarely holding for traffic, meaning more time in the air and less paying for time spent on the ground. We have very experienced Grade 1 instructors with real world charter experience who will be dedicating their time to help you get your training done in the time frame you require. You’ll be doing your training in a Cessna 310 which is an excellent, industry relevant aircraft.

Training and Experience Requirements for Test:
40 hours instrument time total
10 hours cross-country dual instrument time in a multi-engine aircraft
5 hours night flight total
1 hours of night flight as pilot in command
50 hours cross-country flight time as pilot in command