Special Training

Instructor Rating

An opportunity to share the magic of flight with others...By obtaining your Instructor Rating, you are able to teach others the magic and wonder of flight, and at the same time continue to build your… Read more

Night VFR

Enjoy the beauty of a starry night from the air... The Night Visual Flight Rules rating (NVFR) allows a pilot with a Private Pilot Licence or a higher qualification to fly anywhere in Australia at night… Read more

Constant Speed Propeller & Retractable Undercarriage

Constant Speed and Retractable Undercarriage EndorsementThis endorsement enables pilots to operate more complex aircraft. These aircraft operate at a higher speed and make cross-country flying more… Read more

Multi-engine Aircraft Instrument Rating

Multi-engine Aircraft Instrument RatingLooking to complete your multi-engine aircraft instrument rating? Get it done full time in 4-6 weeks. Toowoomba YTWB is only 13nm from Oakey YBOK and its ILS, which… Read more